Safe Journey: Traveling with Diabetes

Guy sitting on suitcase

Diabetes should not prevent you from traveling or doing the things you enjoy the most. Planning carefully, however, is necessary to reduce potential problems and unnecessary stress. If it’s a long trip, it’s best to take an exam to determine the state of your health and condition. Before leaving, it’s important that your diabetes is in good control.

Diabetes management experts in Provo share a few travel tips to remember:

Wear a medical ID

You should wear a bracelet or a necklace that says you have diabetes. This is necessary in emergency situations or in cases where you cannot speak for yourself.  You may also want to bring an extra bracelet during your trip and don’t forget to wear it where it can be easily seen.

Pack your medicines right

Have a specific bag for your medication, testing supplies, and insulin. You should also pack them in more than one bag in case you lose that one. It’s also advisable to take extra medications and supplies in case of theft or loss.

Bring some snacks

Carry treats that work with your diabetes meal plan. Don’t forget to bring other supplies, such as drinking water or hard candy and glucose tablets for dealing with low blood glucose.

Store insulin properly

If you take insulin, be sure not to store it in the car trunk, a glove compartment, or in areas where it might be exposed to extreme temperatures. Use the right pack that can keep your medication protected. You should also talk to your healthcare provider about what you can do if you run out of insulin.

Stick with your routine

This means keeping up with your normal diabetes management routine even where you’re away. Engage in physical activity on most days, follow your nutrition plan, check your blood glucose, and take medications accordingly.

Planning carefully, as well as working with your doctor, is essential for a safe travel. Your doctor can provide you a list of the supplies you need or what you can do in case of emergency.