The Promise of Long-Term Medical Care

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In Salt Lake City, long-term acute care hospitals provide patients with chronic long-term illnesses the care and amenities they need to improve their condition. Some of these hospitals, such as Landmark Hospital Salt Lake City, offer acute care amenities and services as a hospital within a hospital. These hospitals accept Promise healthcare. This care system provides treatment for the chronically ill, those suffering complex medical ailments, and those who are in a critical condition.

Promise Services in Hospitals

Promise services were established in the year 2003. The healthcare follows the Continuum of Care, which involves various levels of care to the patients in the long term. It also provides patients with the facilities that work along with the continuum.
The doctors and the patient consider the patient’s treatment goal and plan when choosing the appropriate treatment method to use.

Hospitals that provide Promise Healthcare specialize in caring for patients with multi-organ disease processes. The hospitals have to be certified and accredited by Medicare and bear a state license in the category of long-term acute care hospitals.

Patients and Physicians

The healthcare executives and the physicians also work closely with the patients, family or any other person who takes care of them to come up with the treatment plan that can be best employed. The hospital staff has to ensure that the privacy, dignity, and comfort of the patient are observed. The physicians and other healthcare workers treat patients and visitors with courtesy, respect, and compassion throughout the period they receive treatment and other services in the hospitals.

The following are some of the rights that are bestowed on patients by a genuinely serving hospital.

1. Patients receive necessary and medically suitable care that depends on the patient’s clinical desires and needs.

2. The hospital provides considerate care that is free from harassment, neglect or abuse to clients.

3. Patients and their families come up with informed decisions based on the directives given by their respective doctors.

Long-term Care? No Worries

For patients and their families who are experiencing difficulties because of long-term medical treatment, a complicated medical condition, or a chronic illness that requires regular treatment, a hospital that provides Promise Care is the best way for a patient and their family to overcome the difficulty.