How 3D Tech can Modernize Your Dental Practice

a cheerful group of dentists and their assistants

The use of 3D printing for dentistry — a service offered by dental labs such as Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab — will continue to grow after the introduction of clear aligners in the early 2000s, so orthodontists should rethink if their practice has kept up with this trend.

Clear aligners may have been the best thing to happen for orthodontics patients ever since the development of anesthesia. Most people refused to wear dental braces during their younger years for various, but that changed due to the availability of nearly invisible braces.

Clear Development

Invisalign is one of the popular brands of clear aligners today with around 220,000 products manufactured each day. Its producer has been able to create it en masse with 3D technology, but each one is unique to every patient’s needs.

The Federal Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit serves as a reason for more companies wanting to develop 3D printing for dentistry. Some manufacturers have sought to use new materials as 3D ink, which is a likely factor for receiving tax credits.

Consumer Awareness

The pervasiveness of smartphones allowed people to search for information online faster and more frequently, which led the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) to provide updated information for consumers.

Parents are mostly inquisitive on how orthodontic treatment works for their children. The AAO said that children should have their first orthodontic visit before they turn eight years old, which it explained in detail in the Parent’s Guide to Orthodontics portal.

The consumer website is not only about educating patients, but also about clear promotional strategies. With social media now being a part of daily life, it’s unsurprising that the AAO wants orthodontists to be more active in cyberspace.


Your dental practice will benefit from using 3D printing, particularly for braces, since more people will be interested in straightening their teeth via unconventional ways. You can also use the technology as a selling point in your marketing strategy.