Here’s What Every Assisted Living Facility Must Have

Nurse helping a senior

Choosing an assisted living facility can be tough considering the important role it will be playing in a loved one’s life. When looking for an assisted living institution for your senior relative, here are some aspects to look for.


Seniors want an assisted living facility that is near to their family – thereby giving relatives ample chance to visit, especially during the holidays. Look for assisted living facilities in Tolleson, AZ near you such as Legacy House Avondale and check those out first before moving outwards.

Do not forget that weather is an important factor as well.

Recreational Activities

The facility should have sufficient recreational activities to keep residents happy and active. It can be a game room, a common room, or even social events that will keep them on their toes. More than anything, social life is what seniors look for when seeking out assisted care living.

Pet-Friendly Surroundings

You have probably heard of how pets today help seniors recover from anxiety, depression, and other ailments. Make a point of seeking out a facility that happily welcomes pets in their midst. In fact, institutions that encourage pet visits would be welcome as this helps senior enjoy a different kind of cuddling.

Personal Freedom

Assisted living facilities operate on a “just in case” basis. This means that the care given to them is limited to those instances when they will actually need it. For the most part, however, seniors enjoy a semblance of independence, which is what they really want.

Of course, keep in mind that this is dependent on the health of the senior.

Medical Care

Do not forget to check out what kind of medical care they offer to seniors. Ideally, there should be a full complement of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, massage therapists, and the like. They do not have to be there 24/7 but having them on call will provide additional security for the residents.

Of course, it stands to reason that you should also question your loved one on what they want with their facility. Ideally, your parent should be with you during the tour.