Braces, What are They?

Dentist checking patient's teeth

Braces have been around for a long time. Rumour has it mummies have been found with metal wires wrapped around their teeth. The job of braces is to improve the aesthetic appearance, placement and day-to-day function of teeth that are not naturally positioned properly. Braces in Liverpool use continuous but gentle pressure to gradually move teeth to a better-looking and more practical position. Braces can be either removable or fixed, and treatment times can differ between these. If a patient with removable braces takes them out for too long or too often, they will face longer treatment times. Ideally, for the best results, braces should be in the mouth and working throughout the day.

What are bracket style braces?

The traditional braces that most people know are fitted to the front of the teeth with brackets; connecting them together are the wires and rubber bands. Fitted bracket style braces in Liverpool have many different options nowadays. They can be made of metal, tooth-coloured ceramic. or clear plastic. Some work quicker than others depending on how the brackets function. Brackets can also be positioned behind the teeth, out of sight. In all cases the materials are smoothed as much as possible to reduce any rubbing whilst they are being worn. The wires laced between bracket style braces are made of strong materials with an arch shape. This arch shaped wire is designed to return to an arch shape, so no matter what shape the teeth are bending it into at the beginning of treatment, it will return to an arch shape and take the attached teeth with them. Eventually the wearer will have a lovely curving arch of teeth. Brands such as Six Month Smiles® and Fastbraces offered by Liverpool Smile Studio use bracket technology.

What are aligner style braces?

This practice also offers a new system of brace that not everyone may have heard of. The aligners are thin, clear plastic braces that are worn over the teeth. They can hardly be seen whilst they are being worn. The aligners are invisible and offer a great solution for adults who do not want to wear bracket braces in Liverpool.