The Truth About Chocolate and Your Dental Health

Closeup of woman biting a chocolate

If you’re a lover of chocolates, you may be wondering if it is bad for your teeth. Anything that is too much is harmful, but moderate amounts of chocolate can bring a number of rewards. This is especially true for dark chocolate, which according to studies, is a superfood and can help fight plaque and cavities.

The Best Chocolate Option

What makes dark chocolate a far better choice than others is that it is made up of about 70% cocoa and only 30% powdered milk and sugar. General Dentistry Limited and other Sioux Falls dentists note that this only means that it has less negative effects on teeth when compared to other chocolate types. It is also good to know that dark chocolate has antioxidants, which are known to benefit the health.

Dark chocolate contains a compound called CBH, which was proven to strengthen the enamel and make your teeth less susceptible to decay. This chocolate variety, furthermore, contains polyphenols which can assist in fighting the overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth. Scientists even believe that some components of this chocolate may be added to all types of toothpaste and mouthwash someday.

What about Milk Chocolate?

While milk chocolate is more popular than dark chocolate, it is not so good for your oral health. This is because this variety contains more sugar and less real cocoa (only around 20% to 30%). Its high sugar content can contribute to cavities and decay, especially when consumed in large amounts. Negative consequences are heightened if you don’t brush and floss daily.

Some Chocolate Advice

Always choose dark over milk and white chocolates. Experts also suggest eating it in one sitting and after meals to minimize acid attacks on teeth. You should, furthermore, be wary of eating lots of it since chocolate has a pleasurable effect on the brain. It is ideal to pair it with other healthy foods like a slice of cheese or a few almonds, so that you can reduce your chocolate consumption and still feel satisfied.

While it is true that chocolate is less harmful than other sugary treats, it is still advisable to consume it in moderation. It is best to have a balanced diet and brush and floss your teeth daily. Don’t forget to visit your dentist for regular cleaning and checkups.