Professional Teeth Whitening: What to Expect Before, During and After

Woman to undergo teeth whitening treatment

Several factors may cause stained or discoloured teeth. Coffee, chocolate, tea, wine, almost all fruits and some vegetables, smoking and some medication may leave your teeth with stains.

Some diseases may also cause tooth discolouration and the treatments needed for them may make matters worse. Some people are born with not-so-white teeth.

Whatever may have caused your teeth to discolour, you may receive help from your dentist in Shrewsbury. Teeth whitening is a common and popular procedure in the area, and it has helped hundreds of people achieve a more attractive smile.

Here are a few things to expect before and after your whitening treatment.

Keep your teeth clean before the treatment

In some cases, a simple tooth cleaning procedure (prophylaxis) may restore teeth whiteness. It is important to keep with your dental cleaning and check-up schedule, which may be at least twice a year. Your dentist will appreciate keeping that schedule before asking them to whiten your teeth.

You may have to stay for a bit at the dental clinic

A special light will speed up the whitening process, but you may still have to stay in the clinic for 30 minutes to an hour. You may watch the telly or read a magazine. The first visit usually takes more time, as your dentist may have to take impressions and fashion a mouth guard.

Your dentist will inform you when to come back for the second and third sessions.

Avoid these kinds of food and drinks for at least 24 hours

After your session, there are some food and drinks you should not consume, as they will stain your teeth. In fact, you may want to cut down on them permanently so your whitening will last longer.

Your dentist’s assistant may give you a list, which may include coffee, tea, wine, most fruits and juices and just about anything that will leave a stain on a white shirt. Smoking will definitely stain your teeth so avoid it for 24 hours (dropping the habit is much, much better for overall health).

Teeth whitening can improve the state of your teeth, at least aesthetically. But it may have other positive effects, such as giving your self-confidence a boost and even making a better impression with your boss. Call your dentist today and ask about whitening.