Caring for dentures in Edinburgh


For many patients, custom-designed dentures are the bestway to replace multiple missing teeth. Well-maintained dentures last longer and perform better. Moreover, a thorough daily care routine will minimise stains, odoursand bacteria and help keep dentures look and feel like new for longer.

An experienced dentist, such as those at Edinburgh Dental Specialists, will show patients how to wear and removed dentures in Edinburgh. New dentures may feel strange or uncomfortable in the beginning, especially for patients who are wearing them for the first time. However, once they are properly fitted to the gums, they provide stability and restore oral function.

Helpful tips and tricks

Patients who opt for dentures in Edinburgh can follow certain tips and tricks in order to ensure that they remain functional:

  • Wear them consistently
  • Be careful not to lose them
  • Rinse after eating
  • Do not let them dry out
  • Do not use hot water
  • Ensure they fit properly
  • Do not neglect oral hygiene.

A good denture care plan also involves caring for natural teeth and gums. For this reason, it is important to remove the dentures at night in order to ensure that the gum tissue gets a break from the pressure of wearing dentures almost all day. Denture wearers are also encouraged to clean their remaining natural teeth (if any) with a soft toothbrush in order to ensure that all food remains are gone and thatblood circulationin the gums is stimulated.


The best way to keep dentures in Edinburgh functional is to clean them on a daily basis. Food remains can stain dentures and bacteria can cause various odours. Cleaning dentures with an appropriate cleaning solution and a soft toothbrush or another tool, will help them stay clean and fresh for longer. Just like natural teeth, dentures can develop plaque, therefore cleaning them regularly is essential.

Patients should also not try to bend, modify or repair their dentures in case they break. Instead, a dentist can help fix them. Dentures should feel clean and comfortable at all times. Patients who experience pain and other problems when wearing their dentures, should see their dentist as soon as possible.