Hospice Care Services: What are the Types?

nurse caring for the two elderly

Besides helping in the management of terminal diseases, hospice care also provides spiritual, emotional, and physical support to both the patient and the family.

The goal of Indiana palliative care experts like the Center for Hospice Care is to provide care and comfort, and not to cure the sickness. This way, a patient may enjoy their lives to the fullest. The type of hospice care services that you choose majorly depends on the patient’s preferences and needs. These services may include;

Hospice Services

A hospice setting is meant to look and feel like a home while at the same time providing palliative care throughout. They majorly focus on the patient’s quality of life as well as helping the rest of the family cope with the situation. At a hospice, you will be taken care of by qualified doctors, nurses, and social workers. Additionally, there are other support people such as spiritual and emotional counselors.

Hospital Services

In this setting, palliative care is typically given by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers. Often, these hospitals have access to expert palliative doctors and care consultants. In most cases, hospitals have three categories of palliative care sections. They include; the ordinary palliative care, intensive palliative acre, and the tertiary palliative care unit. The severity of the patient’s condition determines the category in which the patient is put.

Home Services

A majority of patients choose to stay at home and get their palliative care from there. Remaining in a familiar setting, and being close to the family helps a patient live as normally as possible. There are various home care programs. They include; community day programs, volunteer services, pain and symptoms management care, and interdisciplinary care such as help with rehab and finances.

There is always an end of life and palliative care program suitable to your needs. Ensure that you talk to your healthcare team and your family on factors that are essential to you, and where you would want to spend this time of your life. However, note that your choice may change as your illness demands.