Weight Loss: The Truth Behind Exercise and Diet

a bloated belly

Exercise is good for your body if you want to build tone, stay fit and healthy, and lose weight. If you work out regularly, you are confident that you’ll be leading a long and healthy life. You relieve yourself that you are exempted illnesses like obesity. Well—that is the popular impression these days — that exercise leads to weight loss. How much truth is in this claim?

The necessity for dietary modification

Going on a diet is not always the answer to weight-related problems. For sustainable weight loss, it is necessary to devote time and effort to a personal exercise regimen complimented by an individualized dietary plan. In order to modify the daily calorie burn, an appropriate nutritional plan must be in place. Fitness enthusiasts in San Anselmo California have recommended that women wanting to be fit should try personal training studios.

Personal training studios have customized fitness program made differently for each individual. This way, you could keep a close eye on your development than crowded gyms.

You could begin simple exercises like taking the stairs when you aren’t in the training studio. Proceeding with physical fitness is good, but you shouldn’t neglect your daily calorie intake. Exercise is only one component of weight loss. Monitoring your calorie intake is also an effective way of maintaining a healthy body.

If you need to slim down, cut down your calorie intake on a daily basis. But if you need to buff up, increasing your food intake gradually together with a planned out exercise will pave the way for your ideal weight and body.

Consistency is Key

a thin waistIf you’ve been spending time at the gym yet there hasn’t been any apparent change in your physical wellness it might be because of your diet. According to a study, the effects of exercise on weight loss are not as significant as most people expect. Exercise is known to increase the metabolic rate, which leads to more calories burned. Nevertheless, the experts agree exercise without dietary modifications leads to minimal weight loss. For instance, a study revealed that three of four months of regular physical activity without changes in the diet only resulted in a loss of one kilogram of weight.

However, fasting isn’t the same as going on a diet. You can’t restrict yourself from consuming calories while doing strenuous work. Cutting down on the amount of food might be better than starving yourself then eat whatever you want on designated “feast days”. Not every diet applies to everyone. Therefore, a gradual adjustment is better than sudden changes in your food consumption to address your weight conditions.

If you are engaged in regular exercise, then you must keep it up. You may not be shedding as many pounds as you had hoped, but you will be happier, healthier, and more productive. Exercise has a great many benefits on blood pressure and circulation, heart health, and mental health as well. Moreover, other studies reveal an exercise regimen only leads to short-term weight loss, which is often not sustainable.