Tooth Replacement with Dentures in Edinburgh

Tooth loss can have a significant effect on the health and well-being of many people. Gum disease and other causes leading to tooth loss are largely preventable, however tooth loss can also be the result of accidents or trauma to the mouth. Missing teeth are detrimental to a person’s oral and overall health. As the number of teeth decreases chewing becomes a challenge and speaking difficulties occur. Missing teeth can eventually cause remaining teeth to bone loss and bite problems.

Although nothing compares to natural teeth, dentures can improve the function and appearance of the mouth as well as help preserve surrounding teeth. Removable dentures in Edinburgh are offered by many dental practices, including Edinburgh Dental Specialists. Besides being cost-effective, dentures offer increased function and an improved appearance. Moreover, because dentures are removable, many patients find that they are easier to clean than natural teeth.

Benefits of Removable Dentures in Edinburgh

Full or partial dentures consist of a pink acrylic base on top of which artificial teeth are placed. Upper and lower dentures are structurally different because they have to follow the shape of the inner mouth and the palate. Generally, though, modern dentures are made of high-quality, lightweight materials and are customised to fit perfectly.

Dentures have many aesthetic benefits. Apart from filling in the gaps left by missing teeth, they also replace heavily damaged teeth, prevent further deterioration. More importantly, dentures restore the chewing and speaking ability of patients and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Proper Maintenance

Having clean dentures is just a matter of good oral hygiene. Dentures, like natural teeth, must be kept clean and free from food remains to avoid permanent staining and contamination. Dirty dentures are very unappealing, can cause bad breath and other health problems. Dentures are very simple to keep clean and require minimal maintenance.

Rinse them in warm water after every meal and brush them softly to remove loose food from between the teeth. Every night, dentures should be washed thoroughly with a specialised paste and a soft brush. Abrasive products are not recommended since they can destroy the surface of the denture.