Tips to Get Back in Shape After Having a Baby

Fit woman

A lot of women become depressed or lose self-esteem after seeing their post-baby body in the mirror. The truth is, once a woman’s body has healed and recovered from childbirth, she can already start exercising and being active again.

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1. Start slow

There’s no need to rush and pressure yourself to lose weight. If you’ve gained 20 pounds from the pregnancy, the healthy weight loss rate is about 2 lbs per week.

Besides exercise, strength or weight training is also important. Regaining muscle mass and replacing fat with lean muscle will make you look toned and lean.

During this time, don’t be disappointed if the weighing scale tells you’re losing weight slowly. Muscle weighs more than fat, but you’ll start noticing a slimmer silhouette when you put your clothes on.

2. Get busy with the baby

Taking care of a baby is great exercise. Even while they’re small, you’ll have to get up countless times to nurse, burp, change and many more. Plus, breastfeeding helps a lot in weight loss. Producing copious amounts of milk burns calories, so expect some weight loss especially if you’re exclusively breastfeeding.

3. Eat right

You may have allowed yourself to indulge in sweets and treats while you were pregnant, but that time is over. Start eating better and consume more fruits and vegetables. They’re not only high in fiber but also low in calories. It’s a great alternative to junk food when you’re craving for munchies at 2 AM.

Most women consider motherhood as the highlight of their lives. While having a baby can be one of the most beautiful experiences, the weight gain associated with it is not a welcome fact of life. The good news is that women can enjoy and motherhood and feel good about themselves at the same time.