Things To Expect From Laser Dentistry

Woman on a dentist clinic

The demand for dental services has been on a steady increase in Tampa, Florida. This has brought about a number of new technologies that, at the very least, made more procedures easier and more accessible to a greater number of people. If you have had a dental surgery done before, then you know that some procedures can be a little more on the uncomfortable side, to say the least.

There is a promising advancement, however, that revolutionized a few of these notoriously painful procedures, and that is laser dentistry.

Lasers have been in use in medicine for a long time and recently, its benefits have extended to the field of dentistry as well. Laser dentistry is used in the treatment of simple dental problems, such as sores, and even major ones, such as root canal infections and biopsies.

So what can you expect if your dental provider in Tampa has recommended laser dentistry in your treatment plan? Here are a few things to know about this amazing and versatile field:

The Advantages

One of the main points that set laser dentistry apart is the use of anesthesia. Your dentist uses anesthesia for a number of reasons and may even choose to use it with laser-aided procedures. However, with the latter, this happens rarely and, at times, anesthesia may not be necessary at all.

Lasers also do far less damage to the gums, which means less blood loss and a shorter healing period. In addition, infections are non-existent, as the laser beam sterilizes the surgical site on contact.


You can expect little or no anesthesia during the procedure, depending on what your dentist deems necessary. For patients suffering from anxiety, a mild sedative may be administered. During the operation, the vibrations usually caused by the drill are non-existent, contributing to a smoother experience for most patients. After your procedure, the recovery time is also noticeably shorter with almost zero risks of infection, discomfort, or any other post-operative complications.

Laser dentistry is a much-preferred method for most dentists because of its convenience to both the provider and the patient. If you follow all the post-operative care that your dentist recommends, then you can look forward to a faster and smoother recovery period.