Shiny New Front Teeth

Woman flaunting her white teethMany people are bothered by the position of their front teeth. When they look in the mirror, or at photos, they feel their smile would look better if the most visible teeth were straighter.

For patients of modern dentists in Scotland, like Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Six Month Smiles is a simple way to make minor dental adjustments that can have a big effect on a patient’s smile.

Receiving Six Month Smiles in Glasgow

The first step is a consultation with the dental team. They will learn how the patient wants their teeth to look, examine their teeth, and get to know their dental history. If Six Month Smiles in Glasgow is the appropriate way to achieve the desired effect, the patient can then begin wearing the appliance.

Combining tooth-coloured and transparent materials, this modern brace remains discreet while applying gentle pressure to the patient’s teeth. As the name suggests, treatment will last, on average, for around six months. This isn’t because it moves the teeth more quickly than other methods, but because it’s used for slight adjustments rather than complex realignment. Before the patient receives their Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, the dental team will inform them of the exact duration.

A process of improvement

Treatment proceeds according to a meticulous plan, based on detailed images of the patient’s teeth. The appliance is fitted to maximise comfort and efficiency. The discreetly-coloured materials help to reduce the anxiety some patients can feel about face-to-face interactions while wearing braces. Once the braces come off, the patient most likely need to wear a retainer at night, to ensure the teeth stay in their new positions.

Visual appeal

Straighter teeth give the patient a more pleasant and harmonious facial appearance. Even small adjustments can have a big effect, and lead to increased confidence and a more positive self-image. And while the patient will have a smile they’ll want to show off, they’ll also have teeth that function more efficiently. As well as this, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, because there are fewer awkward spaces in which harmful bacteria can hide. The patient can enjoy all these benefits for many years after their time spent wearing Six Month Smiles in Glasgow.