Keeping Teeth Healthy While Wearing Braces in St John’s Wood

Girl with braces getting dental checkup

Good dental hygiene practices are really important, especially when braces are involved. Brushing and flossing should be performed at least twice a day, yet it is good practice to clean the teeth and gums after meals to prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria. If someone wears fixed braces, frequent brushing is important to ensure that bits of foods are not stuck around the brackets.

Frequent dental hygiene will ensure that braces in St John’s Wood remain clean and functional. Whether someone chooses fixed braces or removable braces offered by a dental practice such as Aura Dental, chances are that their teeth and gums will remain healthy and strong throughout the treatment, if they follow a complete oral hygiene routine.

Prevention is better than cure

A lot of people wear braces in St John’s Wood for many months (or years) only to find out that their teeth don’t look so great when the braces come off. This is because they have failed to clean their braces properly on a regular basis and as a result discolouration has occurred. In some cases, some patients remove their braces only to find out that they have developed cavities and gum disease while wearing them. To prevent all these problems from happening, ensure that teeth are brushed and flossed frequently, especially after meals. Using an antibacterial mouthwash can also help, since it strengthens the enamel and helps prevent decay.

What to avoid when wearing braces

Whether someone is wearing fixed or removable braces, certain things should be avoided. For instance, fixed braces do not go well with hard, chewy, sticky and sugary foods, which tend to get stuck in brackets and underwires. Moreover, chewing on the end of pencils, ice cubes, or other objects is a bad habit that could lead to the destruction of the braces or the retainers.

Dental hygiene should be flexible

Creating a mini dental hygiene kit for on-the-go is ideal for brace-wearers. Make it a habit to brush and floss the teeth after each meal, even when away from home. Moreover, spending a few minutes to rinse straightening aligners after eating goes a long way in preventing staining and bacterial build-up.