How to Reverse the Effects of Dental Fluorosis

A tooth

When a child is overexposed to fluoride just when his permanent teeth are growing out, there is a chance he could develop the cosmetic dental condition called dental fluorosis. Fluoride is a common ingredient in most teeth whitening and dental hygiene products.

As a preventive measure, you may want to keep these products out of your child’s reach.

Long-Term Effects of Dental Fluorosis

In mild cases, teeth discoloration due to dental fluorosis may not even be visible, but in the more severe ones, signs include surface irregularities, white or brown teeth markings, as well as mild to heavy staining.

Since dental fluorosis is more of a cosmetic condition than a medical one, it does not pose any long-term effects to one’s health. However, its effects on the physical appearance of the teeth may trouble one’s self-esteem, especially in adolescence when peer interaction is at its most brutal.

Treatment for Dental Fluorosis

Luckily, for those with dental fluorosis, various treatments will reverse its effects. Here are some treatments you may want to consider getting with the help of dentists here in Bloomington, MN.

Bonding. This dental procedure involves hiding any discoloration and staining by plating the tooth with a hard enamel-bonding resin.

Teeth Whitening. Teeth whitening in any form can get rid of discoloration, staining and even some surface irregularities. However, you must consult with your dentist first before engaging in such procedures, as some can temporarily worsen the existing physical signs of dental fluorosis.

Veneers. Considered as the most efficient treatment for dental fluorosis, veneers are resin shells that are custom-made and applied onto the teeth to hide staining and discoloration.

If you have dental fluorosis, know that it is perfectly acceptable to seek cosmetic treatment for an improved smile. Dental fluorosis is a mild cosmetic dental complication, and with the many treatments available to achieve those pearly whites, it is no longer deserving of much stress.