Here’s Why You Want to Address that Missing Tooth of Yours

missing tooth

Tooth loss is one of the most common oral health issues that many people in the United States have. In fact, about 178 million individuals in the country have at least one missing tooth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists. And of this number, 40 million of them have absolutely no remaining natural teeth at all.

With your teeth playing so many different vital roles in your health and overall well-being, it’s a must that you don’t treat losing a tooth lightly. You have many options when it comes to addressing this problem, thanks to licensed oral healthcare providers in Indiana. Dentures, available in complete and partial form, remain one of the most commonly sought after.

The obvious reason to fill that space

The space that a missing tooth creates can ruin your otherwise beautiful smile. This is the biggest aesthetic concern that you want to resolve, and a partial denture offers you with the most affordable solution.

More than just a space filler

However, a ruined smile is actually the least of your worries. That gap between your teeth can actually lead to difficulties in speaking and eating. And even if the space isn’t immediately noticeable, it can still affect your chewing abilities. And then there’s also the possibility of your remaining teeth shifting and going out of place, which can cause further problems along the way.

The impact on your confidence and self-perception

As mentioned above, a missing tooth can ruin your smile, which can then lead to you wanting to hide it. This added stress and effort of constantly trying to hide your smile can negatively affect your self-confidence. You may even begin to doubt yourself because of how you perceive yourself.

Don’t let all these happen to you just because of a missing tooth. So as early as now, consider investing in a partial denture.