Braces For Kids: When To Get Them

Girl With Braces

Many would attest to how braces have helped make their smiles even more beautiful. But apart from its aesthetic benefits, braces serve to correct dental abnormalities, and they can also prevent the development of complications of misaligned teeth. The specialists at Bluffton Orthodontics advise that parents bring their children in for checkups as early as seven years old.

The Image with Braces

Braces have been around for decades – perhaps even centuries – and they have evolved from their original designs. In the past, braces were made of heavy metals, which caused people to shy away from the idea of getting them for fear of ruining their image. At present, though, individuals can choose to customize the look of their braces. Aside from metal braces, clear ceramic braces are also available. For those still uncomfortable with the idea of braces, removable clear aligners are a popular choice.

When to Get Braces

Permanent teeth begin growing at around six or seven years of age. At this age, specialists may detect beginning orthodontic problems and is, therefore, the right time to seek consult so that they can plan and begin interventions early. It is better to address some conditions while the jaw is still growing and before permanent teeth have finished erupting.

Why Get Braces

Patients with malocclusion (a condition where the teeth are misaligned) can have their specialists correct the condition with braces. Solving the problem of misaligned teeth will not only improve a child’s smile, though. Malocclusion can lead to tooth damage, and a child may develop difficulty speaking and chewing. Getting braces can minimize the risk of developing these problems.

Good dental health is necessary to avoid nutritional problems brought on by a child not wanting to eat because of pain or chewing problems. If you are still hesitant about getting braces for your child, consult an orthodontist on the best treatment choice. In Bluffton, ceramic braces, metal braces and clear aligners are some of your options.