Are Braces Medically Necessary?

Woman With Dental Braces

Braces have become so popular over the years that people use them as a social accessory. If you want to be cool, you have to wear them! This perception makes people wonder whether they are necessary. After all, they are not as cheap as you would like to think.

The answer is yes, but like other kinds of orthodontic treatment, braces are not for everyone. You are more likely to wear them if you have one or two of the following.

You have teeth malocclusion

Malocclusion is the dental term for misalignment. Teeth have to grow in a certain manner not only to make them look good but to ensure they function properly. Overbites, underbites, and other kinds of teeth malocclusions can affect your speech pattern and digestion.

They can also worsen oral health conditions. In many ways, they can reduce your self-confidence, thereby affecting your mental health.

You already have permanent teeth

In the UK, most of the people fitted with braces are either children below 13 years old or teens. It is very rare for dentists to recommend braces for patients below nine years old.

This is because young ones can still lose their milk or baby teeth, and the new permanent teeth may grow properly, then the need for braces then disappears.

You are experiencing pain

Teeth malocclusions can affect the movement of the jaw, increasing the risk of temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) disorder. This can be very painful. Although many underlying diseases can lead to TMJ disorder, in many cases, correcting the teeth alignment works.

Which One Should You Get?

The various options further fuel the demand for braces in the UK. One of these is incognito braces in London you can get from dental offices such as UltraSmile. As its name suggests, this orthodontic appliance applies gentle force on the teeth without being visible.

They are also custom-fit to the mouth, so they are comfortable to wear. Their “nonexistent” qualities can make teens feel less conscious. Either way, always seek your dentist’s opinion before you proceed with any treatment.